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Your friendly neighborhood car wash.

Yes, you’re reading this correctly.  We’ve got just one location in the heart of Olive Branch so we can focus on providing world class service and southern hospitality to all of our customers.

Service is our Promise.

With over 60 years of experience in the car wash industry. Our founders were tired of working for car wash chains that focused on the bottom line, rather than the customer experience.  That’s why Old Towne is trying something new.  We might expand to more locations in the future, but right now we’re committed to achieving excellence at our one Olive Branch location, as well as providing a car wash experience that will leave you smiling, and keep you coming back.

Feel free to drop by and try one of our single washes to see the Old Towne difference for yourself, and if you’re happy with the experience you can sign up for one of our Fast Pass Unlimited Wash Memberships and wash your car as many times as you like for a monthly subscription.  And of course, vacuums are included with every wash!

Olive Branch Water Tower

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